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More cities, more women, more sites: The second and expanded volume of danube women stories portrays 64 important women from six Danube countries and eight cities! They are fascinating and clever women from past and present who play an important role in public life and societies in the Danube countries. They come from Ulm, Regensburg, Linz, Vienna, Budapest, Vukovar, Novi Sad and Timisoara. The aim of the book: to make visible the achievements and successes of these women from past and present. Elaborate design with illustrations and photographs.
German-language edition with a foreword by Theresa Schopper, State Secretary for Political Coordination in the Ministry of State and Special Envoy of the State Government of Baden-Württemberg for the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.
You will also be surprised!

Further information:
Sabine Geller/Christiana Weidel/Belinda Schmalekow (ed.):
danube women stories vol. 2. | 64 women, 6 countries, 8 cities.
164 pages with illustrations and photos, 12 W x 21 cm H, softcover, adhesive binding.

danube books publishing house, Ulm. ISBN 978-3-946046-22-6.
12,00 EUR bound retail price (D) incl. 7 % VAT / 12,30 EUR (A) incl. 10 % VAT
Available from mid-April in bookshops or directly from the publisher.


Ulm University, ZAWiW
Project “Danube Women City Guide
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and partners of the project “Danube Women City Guide” and “Danube Women Media Stories”
Editor: Sabine Geller, Christiana Weidel, Belinda Schmalekow
on behalf of ZAWiW Center for General Scientific Continuing Education
at Ulm University.

Design and Cover: Sabine Geller,
Editing: Sabine Geller, Christiana Weidel
Translations: Meike Westerhaus, Jil Geller, Leonie Weidel, Harriet Smith
Illustrations: Natalija Ribovic
Printing: Denona d.o.o. Zagreb,

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