About us

Who are we, the project partners? It all started with SABINE from Ulm and CHRISTIANA from Vienna, sitting in Stockholm outside a lovely riverside-bar, drinking wine and dreaming about a city guidebook especially made from the perspective of women. Which places would be interesting to visit? What kind of untold stories of women are hidden in the history of a town?

The dreaming went on in Austria, at a European Gender Equality Conference in St.Pölten. Here ANNA from Hungary joined and brought with her a basket full of experiences about city walks including hidden beauty and shady sides. The group was growing with MARINA from Serbia joined and IULIANA from Romania. Finally MARKUS and BELINDA at the University of Ulm took over the coordination of the dreaming project and with a little bit of help of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation the project idea started to take form.

So now here it is. A tiny little dream became true and it is now waiting for you to take it further and to join the excitement of getting connecting!