Strong women, successful women – women as role models

Recently, the first stage of the project ‘Danube Women Stories’ took place in Timisoara. Iuliana Iliescu of the Pro Democraţia Association from Bucharest organized a history lesson at the German Nikolaus Lenau School.

In the presence of Cristian Bratu from the Timisoara branch of the association Pro Democraţia and the pro-Democraţia volunteer Eugenia Bojin, Iuliana Iliescu presented the “Danube Women City Guide” project in the 11th class and encouraged students to seek information about women who have played or still play a special role in the life of the city of Timişoara and beyond. “The goal is to make citizens aware of the importance women have had in history and still have today. There are female figures who play a significant role in society and it is important that people in Timisoara know them, ” Iuliana Iliescu, the project coordinator in Romania, said.

Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung/Rumänien

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