The silent hero – urban walk by Budapest Walkshop

Sétaműhely – Budapest Walkshop organized a 3 hour program: a walking tour and a site specific film screening. The walking tour takes us to the Buda Hills, to one of the most conservative and elegant part of Budapest. The peaceful area has no memorial plaques and the locals know very little about what happened here a few decades earlier.

The tour takes the participants to Bauhaus hotels where from Eichmann commanded the Hungarian Holocaust and to a former sanatorium which served as aGerman military hospital during 2WW. Finally we visit the monastery where the idyllic life of nuns dramatically changed during the rule of the Hungarian Arrow Cross Party, the German and the Soviet occupation. After the 2WW the order was dissolved and the building served as the college of the Hungarian Secret Police (AVH).

film: Andrea Ausztrics director
research: Dorka Kiss art historian
project leader: Anna Lenard artist

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