VIP attendance at DANUBE WOMEN STORIES exhibition in Ulm

On 13th of July 2018, State Secretary of Baden-Württemberg Theresa Schopper and Deputy Mayor of Ulm Iris Mann opened the exhibition on DANUBE WOMEN STORIES, complemented by the stylish ambience of the Museum of Ulm and the pleasant setting of the International Danube Festival.

Bettina Hoffmann-Schmalekow and Markus Marquard from the ZAWIW Ulm welcomed the illustrious guests. Selected photos, drawings and texts about women personalities in cities along the river Danube were presented on posters, editors Sabine Geller from Danube connects and Christiana Weidel from The World of NGOs in Vienna recounted how the project idea came into life and publisher Thomas Zehender explained why he feels connected to the Danube region and its cultural diversity, transcending national boundaries and strengthening cultural diversity. Andreas Weber from the Baden-Württemberg-Foundation appreciated the engagement of the partner organisations from Ulm, Vienna, Budapest, NoviSad and Timisoara, well beyond the financial support provided by the Foundation.

In memoriam Marina Kovačev
The organisers also commemorated project team member Marina Kovačev, a human rights activist from The Novi Sad School of Journalism, who sadly died a few months ago at the age of 28.  Her successor Dragana Radošević, who continued Marina’s work for the project, was present at the exhibition. The partner organisation Pro Democracy Association from Romania was represented by Iuliana Iliescu, the Budapest Walkshop in Hungary was presented by its founder Anna Lennard.

Great setting
The International Danube Festival created a grand setting for the exhibition and the following networking of presenters and guests. “The exhibition gave my motivation to promote gender equality a great boost”, a visitor of the exhibition said. “Now I’ll feel truly supported when asking for fairer recognition of women’s achievements in our city.” One of the many outcomes of the project “Danube Women City Guide” will be an online exchange of engaged citizens regarding experiences and strategies in requesting more female street names in their cities.

The city guide is published by “danube books”, showing 50 portraits of extraordinary “Danube Women“ from the past and present. The book is available in German language in bookstores; in English language the book can be purchased  from the project coordinator, ZAWIW, Belinda Hoffmann-Schmalekow.

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