Budapest Walkshop

Budapest Walkshop (Sétamühely) is a creative group of artists, scientists and activists. The initiative has 20+ different urban walks on memory politics, minority and gender questions, real estate speculation and other important social topics. These programs

are targeting the locals and their aim is to help the Hungarian society to work with the political-sociologial heritage of the 20th century, two lost world wars and three dictatorial periods – to form a democratic, european, multicultural community from a postdictatorial society.

Our walks are:
– experimental and artistic
– participative, communal and interactive
– interdisciplinary and intergenerational
– self-supportive

Beside the existing programs Budapest Walkshop is functioning as a creative workshop with a wide range of experiments and cooperations. These upcoming programs give new interpretation of the urban space and develop personal attachment to one’s every-day environment.

Lénárd Anna